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At Corus, we are not only partners to our clients, but also our candidates. Prospective candidates can expect the highest levels of services throughout the recruitment process.  Our candidates receive expert advice coupled with unprecedented access to the most exciting opportunities in the region Our unique and specific offering combines talent management solutions with search and selection in the recruitment process.  We work with our candidates to identify their key challenges and opportunities both personally and professionally, using that knowledge to match them up with the most suitable roles. Our consultants, are driven by the prospect of going that extra mile to complete each assignment efficiently.

1 2 1 CV & Career Services
Is your CV significantly reducing your chances to find work and get noticed? Our expert CV consultants will help you sharpen your CV. Our consultants will go through your CV meticulously – and will help reshape the content into a marketing tool that can been used to try and entice employers. The theme here is that the CV’s need to be professional, well-written, eye catching and sharp.  At Corus, we don’t just tell you how it should be done either; we follow up our training sessions catch-up sessions to go through the drafting process, to ensure that it is written and produced to the very highest standard.

Career Advice and workshops
We provide candidates with career advice and workshops, designed to help our candidates develop the skills they need to be effective in finding employment.  Here’s where our consultants will give you the opportunity to become entrenched in everything you need to know about finding a job, as well as the information you will need when you do land that job.   Our workshops are designed to be interactive, motivating and fun. Applying the skills you attain from the workshops will help you pursue your career aspirations.  When we question, challenge and probe you, do not be alarmed. Our processes are designed to empower, engage and bring out the vigor that will land you the position that fits your ambitions and character.

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