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Why Recruitment Agency? | Corus Consultancy Recruitment Specialists

Monday, 24 February 2020, 05 : 35 PM

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Why Recruitment Agency?

Simple really. We exist so that our clients and candidates aren’t left alone to deal with the hysteria that comes with the tenuous job market. The reality is that without us, candidates do not have the expert knowledge that is vital for career direction, particularly when candidates aren’t sure about what they are able to offer— or wish to simply change their career path. We are here to put the pieces of the puzzle together, and also to relieve our clients from the enormous pressure that comes with search and selection.

Professional recruitment firms offer clients and candidates important benefits. Good candidates do not stay in the market for a very long time. If firms want to attract these candidates, they have to take a proactive approach that only a specialist consultancy can deliver.

When we understand our clients – and the firms that we have created partnerships with – we are able to relay the true benefits of working for our clients onto prospective candidates. We are also able to be more selective in filtering unsuitable applicants so that our clients can focus entirely the most suitable applicants.  To sum up, our existence means that clients get to attract a wider net of targeted candidates, the process is streamlined significantly,  both candidates and clients benefit from industry expertise that our consultants bring to the table.

Why Corus

  • We have a detailed knowledge and expertise of the opportunities and employers we represent, and are able to succinctly relay that to our candidates.
  • We give our clients and candidates the opportunity to work in a committed partnership, every step of the process.
  • We work as a team and share knowledge for continuous improvement, learning and
  • We are gaining momentum in our specialist sectors and hope to become a market-leading recruitment and talent acquisition expert across our various sectors from construction to marketing – we will offer a unique service that can be mapped to your corporate objectives.
  • We can offer candidates a wide range of opportunities in both personal and professional development – beyond the traditional services
  • We have the strength and backing of some of UK’s largest companies – we’ll get to know you, provide you with a tailored service, and nurture you to realize your career objectives.
  • We have access to a wide range of permanent and temporary opportunities, because of our expansive partnerships with some of UK’s blue chip companies.
  • We treat our clients and candidates with utmost respect and fairness.
  • We pride ourselves for the refreshing change that our services offer within the recruitment industry. Contact us now, to find out more about how we can help you reach your recruitment milestones. 

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